Friday, December 4, 2009

Stopping Shop

Most of you readers/followers of my blog know I run a gift shop where most the items I make have a friend or family member in mind so when the holidays come I can give it to them. It is that time of season and I've emptied and stopped my shop. I will probably start adding some stuff again late January after I've built some more inventory and have a little more money for supplies. I appreciate everyone that has stopped by my etsy shop and looked around and hearted me. I hope I will see you there again once I'm up and running. I don't blog post or read as often as it is, but my visits here will either be higher because I won't have my time taken up with so much creating and listing and blah blah blah- or will be lower because I'll be really busy with the Christmas spirit activities... :) I'll try to stop by your blogs as well and comment and read up.

Thank you again for your support!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday's Serious Note- Spend Time with your Children

I know I don't really need to send out a reminder to any parent that their child or children are growing up so fast. Maybe I'm making this post to remind myself. I can't believe that both my children are in school now. I enjoy the quiet time I have now at home to actually do my job- but I do miss them being around. I can't believe how much of an adult conversation I can have with both of them sometimes. I like that I can understand both of them better and we can talk about more- but I miss their simple little conversations that were always sweet and cute. Both of them are growing so tall too! It's nice to be able to do more active things with them since they are getting taller and motor skills are more developed- but I really miss just holding their little bodies in my arms and lifting them out of the car while they slept to find them still sleeping when I brought them in our home to lay them down.

I have to remember though- that although there is so much I miss about my children being little (my daughter is going to be 7 in a couple weeks and my son will be 6 in a few months) there are many things I can now experience with them as they are older.

This Christmas my children will be recieving books (educational and pleasurable) and some board games. I am looking forward to their break from school so I can spend some quality fun time with them- now that they're getting old enough to understand learning new things, how to enjoy a more complicated story, and how to follow game rules.

How are you spending time with your children this season? What do you miss about them being younger? What you do enjoy about them getting older?

Take every moment you can get.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday's Serious Note (on Sunday)- Holiday Family Connections

Just a quick note to everyone- please remember your family and friends that have been out of connection this holiday season. I usually don't like saying this just because it is around the holidays- I believe relationships need to be built, encouraged, and on a level ground all year long- but sometimes you just need that special mood to be able to kick things back into action. For example- say you're sorry to someone you fought with a while ago even if you're not wrong- just to settle things and get that friendship going again. Be persistent in trying to inspire that "scrooge" in your family to come join the others in the celebrations. Don't forget to tell your mom, grandpa, grandma, dad, children, sister, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. that you love them, send them a card, share a memory- even if some of those family members are never around the rest of the year. You just never know when you'll lose them and they'll never be around again.

If you have a difficult relationship with a family member- or had in the past- and are or was able to settle it through some small kind action- please share your perceptive thoughts.

Happy Holidays and Love spread to all!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Black Friday Syndrome- List of Etsy Black Friday Sellers

Hi Everyone,
I composed a list of Black Friday Sellers with Sales on etsy so that when you're doing your crazy shopping next week online you can get the best deals. I am posting that list here for you to peruse because I understand some shops may be starting their sales early for you to grab the items and run before other online Black Friday shoppers.

Whilst you look at this list and pursue the event of shopping at them- please remember to pay attention to their shop announcements, shop policies, and item descriptions so you understand how their sale works.

My shop name is also on this list- and I will most likely start my sale on the Wednesday before thanksgiving so I have some time to promote before getting caught up in the family meal stuff.

Happy shopping! - variety gift shop- sale: 20% off everything except clearance items and free shipping - $5 off purchases of $25, $10 off $50, $10 off $100 - yummy bath and body products - sale: 20% off entire store, does not include shipping, sale ends midnight EST 11/27/09 - Jewelry with a few quilting squares - Sale: items moved to Super Sale section and free gift with every purchase! Free Shipping on Black Friday! -- all natural, totally delicious, nuts, granola and more, made with Real Grade A maple syrup, has no added oil, butter or fat...and all products are completely vegan. We will be offering buy 2 get 1 free black friday thru cyber monday! check us out and enjoy! -- Handmade and digital papercrafts: cards, tags, embellishments and customizable photo cards  *25% off all Customizable Photo Cards (Holiday Cards and Birth Announcements) Black Friday through Cyber Monday* - - One-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry, handmade greeting cards, nature photography and other unique accessories *SALE* 20% off ALL orders of $25 or more (refund through PayPal); FREE holiday card with necklace purchase; Buy 1 photograph get 1 FREE (equal or lesser value) Nature Inspired, Shabby Chic, Romantic Floral Handmade Jewelry Nov. 27-30th 10% off entire shop (enter <> in notes to seller). Free Note Card/Gift Tag set with purchase over $5. Fresh coffee roasted daily! We'll be offering 15% off all coffee from Nov 26- Dec 1st. 6 days! Woo! Just listed coffee sample packs, too, which I'm really excited about. I have one of a kind jewelry, gift bag, tags, patterns and more. All jewelry comes with a gift bag and tag, all orders will come with a free gift. 20% off if you spend $10 or more. If you spend $30 or more I will offer free shipping Purses, Purse Organizers and Camera Straps! Very affordable and unique. Candles, Tarts, Sachets, Reed Oil Diffusers & Home Fragrances. Black Friday Sale available now! Buy One Get One, up to 50% off & free shipping available.
Nov 26-30. Distinctive jewelry of exceptional quality and value for men and women. FREE 1st Class Domestic Shipping. Double your order for FREE!!! Photos, postcards, notecards, pendants!!! 20% off all items, free gift with purcahse, and free shipping
I'm having free shipping worldwide from midnight e.s.t. 11-27-09 until midnight e.s.t. 11-30-09!
Until then, free shipping as usual to the lower 48 and Canada!
Buy 4 apples get 1 free!
Buy 6 apples get 2 free!
FREE Worldwide Shipping on the entire shop!
NOv 27 through Nov30
FREE SHIPPING in the US from Black Friday to Cyber Monday
I sell papercrafts: cards, scrapbooks, gift tags, bags, boxes, etc....
FREE SHIPPING on everything except clearance and destash items! black friday thru cyber monday!
One-of-a-kind vintage inspired jewelry, 20% off with free worldwide shipping, already on sale. Thanks!
Wallets, Jewelry & Home decor with a geeky, upcycled feel. Free X-Mas Goodies ornament w purchase (Black Friday-Cyber Monday). Please specify choice in Note to Seller :) WONDERS FOR ART AND CRAFT LOVERS!!! Original paintings, prints, jewels, journals and boxes... 20 % OFF on the HANDMIRRORS and a FREE art postcard FOR MY 20TH SALE! (enter "20 OFF" in NOTE to seller) christmas afghan, teacher gifts,tissue box cover,christmas cards $1 each and much more Black Friday Sale at LOC Design Studio
20% off entire purchase from Friday, November 27 until midnight December 1. I will change prices before the sale begins so that you can shop and pay without waiting for an adjusted total! Items with color/style options are relistable so don't let a sold sign stop you! I expect to be near my computer all day on Friday so if I haven't gotten it relisted yet, convo me and I'll get it taken care of PDQ! I'll be offering Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders! 11/27 -11/30.Please enter the code "EtsyFreeShipping" in the message to seller box during checkout, and your discount will be refunded via PayPal. - inspirational greeting and note cards including a Christmas collection - FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Hey Good Lookin' Whatcha Got Thinkin'?

So this post is a random thought tribute to all moms, wifes, and heads of households.

Random thoughts to be mentioned:

a. Counting Calories- Seriously?
b. Moms Who Think
c. Its a Crime to Waste Time
d. Here Turkey Turkey
e. and: Cupcakes!

a. When I start putting on those extra pounds I start counting calories and trying somewhat my best to do some physical exercise for about 20 minutes at the very least every other day. Counting calories is VERY difficult and sometimes hard to get motivated to do. I know I'm going to put a lot of the pounds back on this holiday season. But here's what bothers me the most: WHY can't calorie counts be REALISTIC and serving sizes? For example- why can't they make it easier for me by saying a cereal serving is 2 cups (because I can't just eat 1 cup and be satisfied)? And why do some items use "ounces" instead of teaspoons or tablespoons or the number of items I'm going to eat (crackers or nuts for example)? But- here's a good thing. I found a link to a site that helps you know what calories are in veggies and fruit. I can't believe it entirely but it is helpful. Take a look:

b. I want to send a thank you to all the mom's who choose to think about what's best for their family even if it means making extra sacrifices. I pray for those who don't seem to care about much except getting their next drink of alcohol or getting their next drug fix. Thank you to the moms and wives who care so much about their husband and children that they never want to put their lives in danger, that never want to "not be there" for them, and that does her best to make sure they all know she's there at all times. Sometimes a mom/wife can show how much she loves her family by making sure there's always a good meal on the table at dinnertime. That doesn't always have to be a sacrificing moment though- in fact, sometimes its a lot more interesting if you don't have to sacrifice so much time to a dinner or to thinking up a special dinner- but rather spend that time with the ones you love. I'd like to promote the link because it has helped with some great dinner ideas! Take a look! :)

c. I work from home making phone calls to try and sell insurance- but sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my time. I can't sit still and watch TV with my husband in the evening, I can't take a relaxing bath every time when I know there's stuff to be done, and it's hard for me to sit on my butt and make some phone calls without accomplishing some other goal. So- my solution- I make or start my christmas gift projects that involve crocheting, cutting, or writing while I'm making those phone calls, sitting and watching TV, and even taking a bath. :) I just can't waste the time when there's so much to be done! It's almost here!

d. Here's some cute Turkey facts for Thanks giving that were cut out of a local ad this month: -Turkeys can see in color -In 2008 there was an estimated 271 million turkeys raised - Turkey is low in fat and high in protein. Great source of iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, and B vitamiins. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Turkey!

e. I won a giveaway! It was the cutest little cupcake pouch by Come look at her shop! Very full of variety and great stuff!

Well- Happy weekend to you all! Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts!