Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday's Serious Note- Spend Time with your Children

I know I don't really need to send out a reminder to any parent that their child or children are growing up so fast. Maybe I'm making this post to remind myself. I can't believe that both my children are in school now. I enjoy the quiet time I have now at home to actually do my job- but I do miss them being around. I can't believe how much of an adult conversation I can have with both of them sometimes. I like that I can understand both of them better and we can talk about more- but I miss their simple little conversations that were always sweet and cute. Both of them are growing so tall too! It's nice to be able to do more active things with them since they are getting taller and motor skills are more developed- but I really miss just holding their little bodies in my arms and lifting them out of the car while they slept to find them still sleeping when I brought them in our home to lay them down.

I have to remember though- that although there is so much I miss about my children being little (my daughter is going to be 7 in a couple weeks and my son will be 6 in a few months) there are many things I can now experience with them as they are older.

This Christmas my children will be recieving books (educational and pleasurable) and some board games. I am looking forward to their break from school so I can spend some quality fun time with them- now that they're getting old enough to understand learning new things, how to enjoy a more complicated story, and how to follow game rules.

How are you spending time with your children this season? What do you miss about them being younger? What you do enjoy about them getting older?

Take every moment you can get.


  1. I know how you feel - my son is 8 now and I wonder where did the time go?? We are planning on going to events around our city and use this year to make memories that we will remember for a lifetime!

  2. You are so on target. You have to spend time with children to really know and teach them. The bed time story seems to be a thing of the past. 20 minutes every night of a parent reading aloud..for as long as you. Through middle school and beyond - Until fourth grade school teaches you how to read. At fourth grade it expects you to read to learn. Having someone who you are relaxed with, having spomepone that reds to you every night, day, morning, - someone who show exposes you to vocabulary, pronoucnian, language and exploration of meaning makes you literate. And being literate (and determined) enables you to make informed choices.
    Snuggling up with a book together, reading the newspaper over breakfast together - everyday -
    Always question the source. Wonder about veracity,

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