Friday, November 20, 2009

Hey Good Lookin' Whatcha Got Thinkin'?

So this post is a random thought tribute to all moms, wifes, and heads of households.

Random thoughts to be mentioned:

a. Counting Calories- Seriously?
b. Moms Who Think
c. Its a Crime to Waste Time
d. Here Turkey Turkey
e. and: Cupcakes!

a. When I start putting on those extra pounds I start counting calories and trying somewhat my best to do some physical exercise for about 20 minutes at the very least every other day. Counting calories is VERY difficult and sometimes hard to get motivated to do. I know I'm going to put a lot of the pounds back on this holiday season. But here's what bothers me the most: WHY can't calorie counts be REALISTIC and serving sizes? For example- why can't they make it easier for me by saying a cereal serving is 2 cups (because I can't just eat 1 cup and be satisfied)? And why do some items use "ounces" instead of teaspoons or tablespoons or the number of items I'm going to eat (crackers or nuts for example)? But- here's a good thing. I found a link to a site that helps you know what calories are in veggies and fruit. I can't believe it entirely but it is helpful. Take a look:

b. I want to send a thank you to all the mom's who choose to think about what's best for their family even if it means making extra sacrifices. I pray for those who don't seem to care about much except getting their next drink of alcohol or getting their next drug fix. Thank you to the moms and wives who care so much about their husband and children that they never want to put their lives in danger, that never want to "not be there" for them, and that does her best to make sure they all know she's there at all times. Sometimes a mom/wife can show how much she loves her family by making sure there's always a good meal on the table at dinnertime. That doesn't always have to be a sacrificing moment though- in fact, sometimes its a lot more interesting if you don't have to sacrifice so much time to a dinner or to thinking up a special dinner- but rather spend that time with the ones you love. I'd like to promote the link because it has helped with some great dinner ideas! Take a look! :)

c. I work from home making phone calls to try and sell insurance- but sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my time. I can't sit still and watch TV with my husband in the evening, I can't take a relaxing bath every time when I know there's stuff to be done, and it's hard for me to sit on my butt and make some phone calls without accomplishing some other goal. So- my solution- I make or start my christmas gift projects that involve crocheting, cutting, or writing while I'm making those phone calls, sitting and watching TV, and even taking a bath. :) I just can't waste the time when there's so much to be done! It's almost here!

d. Here's some cute Turkey facts for Thanks giving that were cut out of a local ad this month: -Turkeys can see in color -In 2008 there was an estimated 271 million turkeys raised - Turkey is low in fat and high in protein. Great source of iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, and B vitamiins. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Turkey!

e. I won a giveaway! It was the cutest little cupcake pouch by Come look at her shop! Very full of variety and great stuff!

Well- Happy weekend to you all! Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts!

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  1. Tell me about those unrealistic serving sizes!! Just like those BMI charts are super unrealistic! I lost a lot of weight in the last couple years so I really tried to eat the correct serving sizes, but one cup of cereal just doesn't do it for me either!! It barely fills the bowl. Tiny portions just make me want to eat more later. I'm still working on those serving sizes, but why do they want us to eat like birds?