Thursday, October 8, 2009

Conviction and Testimony

I wanted to write a quick note about a very important part of me. I am a believer in Christ. I believe that He died for me to save me from my sins so that I may join Him in Heaven with God our Father. I believe that prayers are very powerful, and that faith is the reason I am alive today. I live for Him primarily, and I live to take care of the gifts He has given me (my husband, my children, my life, and my family).

There have been rough times- but He's always stuck through it with me- even if I've strayed. He has always provided- and I beleive that He has given me the ability to think and do for myself. When I do the work and ask Him to help me then my life is abundent with what is needed- and sometimes even a little more to just enjoy.

Any prayer requests? Please comment and I'll be happy to send one up for you.

Myself, my husband, and my children could also use some prayers for our health, faith, financial, and academic well being. Thank you!

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