Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday's Serious Note- Biblical Motivation to Recycle

I am setting a challenge for everyone to recycle at least 3 items this week- in any way you can. I'm sure a lot of us do a lot more than that- but with this week I want you to think about your faith as well (for those that believe in the Bible).

I want you to think about how recycling isn't just a responsiblity to take care of the Earth so we can all live better- I want you to think about it in a way that you understand it is your RESPONSIBILITY given by GOD to be a steward of the Earth- because it is a GIFT from HIM.

Take a few moments to study these verses with me- and tell me if you agree that they are in relation to the Lord giving us the Earth to use it for our benefit and to take care of it as a gift from our loving Father.

Genesis 1:25-30 and after fall of man Genesis 9:1-3.

Can you show me any other verses from the Bible you think might support taking care of the Earth and those of other kinds that live on this planet? I'd like to do more reading on it as well- and use it as my motivation and faith conviction for taking care of where I live and sharing the Earth with the animals as well and taking care of it for them.

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