Thursday, October 8, 2009

Family Creativity

Does creativity run in genes?

I have never been sure on this one... Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Or perhaps just the element of being inspirable is what runs in the genes...

I have a grandfather who used to do extensive beadwork and make dream catchers. Seeing his work amazed me- that so much time and effort could really make something so beautiful.

I used to watch my mother also branch out on her ideas as a teacher with creativity in her lesson plans. She also used her hands so well in gardening, painting decoration for our home, pottery, stained glass, sewing, etc.

My sister went off to college and became a graphics design artist- but she also does so much with other media (painting, drawing, beadwork).

I love homemaking craft- cooking, gardening, decoration- but I also enjoy being creative with various media to create gifts...

Hmmm... Gene's or not- I'm glad to know that I have been blessed with people around me who enjoy the creative elements of life and that I have the time and space to enjoy my own ideas as well...


  1. I often have aunts and uncles telling me "your grandma/aunt/uncle/great grandmother did _________" to indicate that they think it is genetic.

  2. I belive it may be in the genes, but I also think it's what you are exposed to.

    We had to sit and embroider at my grandmother's when I was a little girl and it was raining. I loved it. My older sister hated it. Of the 3 of us girls, I am the only one who does crafts.