Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Harvest Memories- Having them and Making them

Every season is one to be enjoyed with family memories- whether you're sharing the ones you've had before or making new ones. These October weekends have been wonderful. Now that both my children are in school they and I appreciate the weekends together so much more- and we've had so much fun with the fall season activities just being together.

I've been sharing stories with my kids about how I used to spend my halloweens before my family stopped celebrating holidays. I told them about how I used to dress up for school, how we'd go trick or treating late at night, how we loved to watch scary movies, and how there was always that one house that was really scary but always had the sweetest old lady with the best treats.
And, over the years I've worked those same traditions into halloween with my children. The past years have been of course dressing up and trick or treating, carving pumpkins and roasting seeds, and reading simple board book halloween stories. This year is so much better though. My family moved into our first house after being in an apartment for so many years and the experience is amazing- and it's a plus that the children are older and can understand and do more things independently as well.

So, I'm making more memories with my children that instill what I used to do, and new ones that I never got to do. For example- the second week of october we colored halloween pictures that I printed offline and fall pictures while we watched Mickey Mouse's House of Villians and hung them up everywhere in the house. The third week (last weekend) we decorated the outside of the house with witches, spider webs, skulls, my pumpkin boxes, etc. It was so adorable! And this weekend we'll carve pumpkins, drink apple cider, make and eat candy apples, and watch halloween movies. Of course next weekend is Halloween (I'm so glad it's on a Saturday this year). We'll dress up as a bunny (me), transformer (my son), and a ladybug (my daughter), I'll make pumpkin bread for the first time for breakfast, we'll play games, watch movies, read halloween stories, and TRICK OR TREAT with me right by their side (no candy for me of course)!

So- Have a safe and fun halloween! Share some memories you're making or that you've had... I'd love to hear them as well as get new ideas for future years!
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