Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gifts for The Home and Other Great Gift Shops!

So, I wanted to share my section in my shop with gifts for the home because I know how sometimes we forget to get those little cute home things we like for ourselves- and I've always enjoyed how around the holidays my family remembers those kinds of things for me. Who will you think of and what do you think they need?

Come look at many new items in my shop by clicking on the link above- it takes you directly to the "gifts for the home" section.

I've also been searching around for other variety gift shops as I am one as well. I have included a list below so you can do some browsing for your Christmas shopping! Cards, jewelry, supplies Cute clocks, journals, lamps Jewelry, crochet hats, painted kitchen items clothing, scarves, vintage collectibles Pens, keychains, bottle stoppers cards, ornaments, jewelry jewelry, hats, scarves cards, notebooks, binder clips pin cushions, hair clips, bookmarks signs, wine charms, fabric crafts vintage variety: decor, gifts, housewares stickers, magnets, jewelry clothing, cute crafts, costumes

And those are what we have! Enjoy!


  1. Wow thanks for adding me!! Great blog too!

  2. Many thanks for including me in your most interesting and informative Blog..I am most honored..
    Sincerely Ann aka anickascottage