Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday's Serious Note (On Sunday)- Touchy Subject Politics

Yesterday, Halloween, was busy- so no real time to get on the computer and post my usual Saturday Serious Note. So here it is on Sunday.

First let me note- I realize politics are a touchy subject and I might not have a great "approval rating" for my blog by putting my views up- but I'd like to make stuff more interesting.

I'm going to put the question out there...

Do you think we have enough checks and balances in our governmental system today to keep it limited and focused on the needs, rights, and foundations of what the American people represent?

I am usually not involved in keeping up with politcal media as much as I probably should- no more than watching the daily news, listening to my husband's commentaries, and the occasional talk show when I'm not busy doing something else.

But a show my husband and I watched together last week by Glen Beck was very interesting to me... To be honest- when Beck is on and my husband is watching- I usually don't watch because sometimes he seems off the wall, disorganized, and I can't understand what he's talking about. However- this one particular show about our Founding Fathers vs. Today's Progressives scared me and got me fired up...

Why don't you take a look at the topic here:,2933,570762,00.html

We are going so far from what we orignally had our country founded on. We don't need the government involved in everything we are made of- for it's own selfish growth and power! The government is made of people too- they are no angels or saints- their system is just as flawed as an individual is!

Have you considered this topic at all lately?

Here's what I think... with some inspirational ideas bounced off my husband...

When our Founding Fathers made this country the way it is, and set up the system for it- there was one president for only a few states. Now that we have so many more states and individuals and new points of view- shouldn't our country have more presidents? Possibly one for each region? That way everyone is really more equally represented and there is a better checks and balances system with each president in each region having to be accountable to the other and to the people for national decisions?

Hmmmm... keep considering... talk it out with someone... do some research... put in your perceptive thought.

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  1. From the other side of the world I don't believe I can give an informed perspective, though from the outside your politics are quite entertaining :-)