Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday's Serious Note- Keeping the Faith

There was a time in the past couple months that I questioned whether I should be so open about my faith with my etsy shop and blog. I was worried it might revolt some people from reading what I write, looking at my items, or even "stepping in" to my shop after seeing my avatar...

But I stopped myself from worrying. God helped me decide not to worry so much about what other people think while going through my crafty ventures. I can proclaim my faith in Him because He is the one who has blessed me with the abilities to create what I can, who has blessed me with family and friends to think of and create for, and blessed me with easy access to proclaim Him. I realize that "preaching" to people can sometimes set them off- but the nice thing about what I can do in my blog and shop is that it isn't overly infiltrated with my demanding on what you should believe- just proclaiming what I believe. You can choose to read it, and you can choose not to- It won't effect me either way.

My main point is- regardless of how many readers, followers, or shoppers I have- I will keep my faith as an open book. This does not mean I have a lack of respect for those who do not share my faith- and it doesn't mean I will let my faith cause me to judge others when I am reading, shopping, or commenting in their "spaces".

Now- my challenge question to others- regardless of what faith you carry or if you don't carry any at all- when you see a shop or a blog that is infiltrated with God or the lack of God- does it influence what you want to read, comment on, or heart in the shop? How and why?

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