Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pet Antics 1- Fat Cat

This is the first post in my 4 post series of my 4 animals. The first one is on our entertaining male cat, Fat Cat. Sad but true we named him fat cat. You'll see why in some of the photos below.

Fat Cat is a very loving brother to his sister cat: Girly.

He loves to lay with her and because she's such a clean freak he offers to help clean her off too.

He's fat but he still likes to fit himself into tight spaces.

Of course he's fat because he loves food so much. Salmon is his favorite- though he's not allowed to be eating that well!

He's so fat, he has to lay down while he's eating.

And playing...

And sometimes he likes to think he's got some good meat on him. Cat for dinner anyone?

We love our Fatty! :) He's so cute and such a character! I hope you enjoyed looking!

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